Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2021

This past year has proven the importance of a well-designed and decorated home. During the months of lockdown in 2020, our houses became our shelter, office, and leisure space all in one. As people started to spend more time than ever in their homes, interior designing took centre stage among most people, and especially interior designers.   

Since most of us spent a good chunk of the year rearranging and decorating our homes, we believe a fresh start is due for the year ahead. With optimism and hope for 2021, we dove deep into the trends to look out for when redesigning your home. A new year counts for a fresh style for our houses, leaving behind the memories of 2020 and creating new ones in style and luxury.   

The interior designers and innovators of our century have been hard at work curating styles and paving the way for the must-have elements for the new year. Most of the upcoming trends are revisiting previous concepts of interior design that prevailed during past eras. Others are creating a mix between different elements of each interior design style that resonates with our current needs and aesthetic.   

While there are several diverse trends and tips for designing your home in the new year, we have gathered our top 5 key styles that are guaranteed to give your home a fresh, homely, and elegant look. Without any further introduction here is what you could consider for your home’s new style in 2021: 

1) Neotenic Furniture 

The neotenic furnishings add a touch of humour to your home without compromising on style and practicality. As shown in the picture, this style of furniture and accessories take on a rounder shape and brings about a contemporary and whimsical aesthetic to your living room, bedroom, or even dining room. More and more people are adopting this style in their homes and offices. 


2) Vintage 

It is no surprise that retro style has been making a comeback, we saw it in fashion styles over the past few years. Now, people are adopting the vintage look for their homes as well, creating a nostalgic feeling to past eras. Cottagecore is one of the styles that are emerging under this trend, which provides a mix of traditional and vintage with elegance and luxury. 

3) Grandmillennial Style 

This style ties into the vintage aesthetic as well, as it brings back memories of our grandparents' rooms and homestyle. Think big, chunky furnishings with bold colours and floral prints. This is most common in bedrooms but is slowly making its way to main areas in the house as well. Grandmillennial style ties in perfectly for the new year as it is affordable and eco-friendly, which is a resolution we are pretty confident most people are sticking with for the new year.   


4) Bold Wall Colours 

Being stuck between 4 walls during the pandemic has created a sense of disconnect from nature and the outside world. This led people to design their walls using bold colours to give their home a bit of flair and personality as well as to remove the daily monotony of staring at a blank white wall. It is crucial though that you choose your colour correctly depending on the room and other furniture and accessories to avoid over saturating the space and creating a less pleasant contrast.  

5) Houseplants  

Having houseplants is not a completely new trend; before the 1990s having houseplants was all the rage. However, in the 90s indoor plants became less trendy. But since trends are cyclical, houseplants are back on the board. The beauty and vibrance of the plants give your space a beautiful style and personality. A bonus is that they make your air fresher, release oxygen, and are known to boost the mood and create positive energy. 

These top 5 trends can transform your home from a basic traditional look into a beautiful space full of character. Make sure if you intend on incorporating all the trends mentioned that you consult with a professional to ensure the overall aesthetic is maintained and your home remains elegant. Which of the new and upcoming trends are you keen on adopting for your home?